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Building BioDesign


Use our tools to greatly reduce wet research time. Predictive tools reduce costly experiments and provide additional insight.

BioPhysical Modeling / Simulation

Guide the early stages of research with custom biophysical computer models. Discover potential advantages or roadblocks before moving into the lab.

Kryngle Daly PhD

Kryngle is one of the few PhDs out there who has a command of physics, biology, and computers. Twenty-five years of programming, combined with a PhD in physics specializing in biological systems, afford him the ability to create BioDesign.


I contacted KBioSim to help design a complex program to identify T cell epitopes that are universally recognized in a human population. The interaction was very professional with significant interaction and progress was made quickly. The end product enables me to take a long difficult progress and now I am able to retrieve valuable data in minutes. Overall I am extremely happy with KBioSim performance.

Chris Fraser, Scientist at Selecta Biosciences